Simulator WRM5

Simulator WRM5



One day online tournament on development of a digital twin of synthetic field employing with PetroCup simulator.

The main intent of the session is to develop a integrated set of multi-disciplinary skills (geological and field data) and to form a set of activities for field development in order to maximize financial and economic growth.

The simulator is useful for both individual and group practice session, especially if you are preparing for the WRM5 Certificate.

More information about the simulator can be found on the PetroCup LIBRARY page.

Prior knowledge

Field Development Management - Advanced
Field Development Management - Standard
Field Development Analysis - Standard
Field Development Control - Standard
General Field Development - Standard

Who is it for?

Asset Team Leader

Chief Geologists of Oil&Gas assets

Chief Engineers of Oil&Gas assets

Chiefs of Resource and Development

Design and Development Engineers

Geologists of field development (drilling planning, workovers, well rates)

Reservoir Technologists

Reservoir Engineers

Petroleum Engineers

Open hole logging specialists

Well Testing Analysts

Production Logging Analysts

Key areas

Practical experience in developing annual prior-to-development plans for mature deposits in production

Session content


Input Materials (Web Access)

  • Exploration Report with Reserves Estimation
  • Service Market Review

Output (Web access)

  • Monthly average production rate
  • Monthly average BHP, in case telemetry installed
  • Production/injection logging, well testing reports
  • Well trajectories on the map (indicating frac zones for multi-fractured horizontals)
  • Open hole logs
  • Current well structure
  • Surface production / injection facilities schematics

The modelled processes

  • Pressure distribution in the reservoir
  • Phase distribution (oil, gas, water) in the reservoir
  • Oil, gas and water production for each well
  • Well surveys (production/injection logging, well testing)
  • Drilling of new wells (including fractured wells & multi-fractured horizontal wells)
  • Workovers (water shut-offs, stimulation, hydraulic fracturing, sidetracking, pump replacement)
  • Changes in well production/injection targets
  • Pressure and flow rate distribution in surface facilities


PetroCup Tournament WRM5

09:00 Session Start
12:00 Shot 1
14:00 Shot 2
16:00 Shot 3
17:00 Shot 4

Shot 5 and Session End