DISCUSSION NAFTA CLUB «Production monitoring and management using chemical markers and lower completion valves»

Topic: Production monitoring and management using chemical markers and lower completion valves

Date: June, 2023

Location: Kazan (Russia)

Language: Russian


Operating companies are increasing the amount of side-track proposals and horizontal drilling to boost the economics of the development of under-gas-cap zones, units with low effective thickness and low permeability.

Uncontrollable completions are frequently chosen despite the known risks of gas/water breakthroughs to individual parts of the horizontal well, even when using dual completions.

Some elements of the solution already exist and have passed varied degrees of testing for independent production / injection management and can diagnose the performance of stages / zones.

The following challenges must be addressed by operating businesses, engineering centres, and service providers:

  1. Why do:
    • we need horizontal wells that are diagnosable and controllable?
    • What are the advantages?
    • Under what circumstances the benefits will outweigh the service costs?
  2. How:
    • accurate is the diagnosis with and without chemical markers?
    • What are the outcomes of independent bench tests?
    • How well do the results of various methods of production profile evaluation correlate?
  3. What:
    • solutions are available for operated/unoperated valves, what statistics are available, and what technical limitations must be resolved in to expand practical application?
  4. What:
    • is the potential market for "marker / valves" that service companies can use to evaluate the effectiveness of potential R&D investments?

Nafta College invites operating and service companies to discuss and determine the future development and implementation of "intelligent" horizontal well completions.