WRM-Interactive training course launched for RUDN University students

A collaborate education project between Nafta College and the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia commences July 12-16, 2021. Nafta College is currently running WRM-Interactive practical training course on field development based on the PetroCup simulator for geology students from Academy of Engineering RUDN  The course is aimed at students who are currently enrolled in "Petroleum Engineering" and "Applied Geology" degrees.  As suggested by the Academy management, the course will be counted as an official summer internship and will contribute to the overall student grade. The assessment results will be revealed to each student after completion. This 5-day course will be available to Russian students as well as to students across 17 countries including Africa, Asia and Latin America.

By using the PetroCup simulator as a practice tool, students will receive practical skills and experience in planning and managing field development while using a digital asset twin, where they will face realistic conditions and have the ability to perform multi-disciplinary petroleum data analysis and form redevelopment plans while maximizing financial and economical parameters.

Furthermore, one of the goals of WRM-Interactive course is teaching students to build various field development plans together as a team.

This online course is guided over the course of 5 days by Nafta College moderators featuring a live demo based on the PetroCup simulator around digital asset twin. At the end of the course there will be a debriefing session, which will review all student actions and conducted activities, assess their performance and provide help and explanation to every mistake that students encounter. Nafta College instructors will provide all necessary recommendations and technical assistance to students during every stage of the course.

Course Topics:

  • Working-out long-term field redevelopment strategy (budget allocation, contracting, surface facilities;
  • Operational planning - Drilling;
  • Operational planning - Workovers;
  • Operational planning - Production Targets.

This course is a first step in the upcoming education program between two organisations - Incorporating PetroCup simulator within specialist's, bachelor and master’s petroleum engineering curriculum. The course schedule is now available here.