A lecture for mechanics and mathematics faculty students (KFU)

On October 06, 2021 there was a meeting with Mechanics and Mathematics faculty students at Kazan Federal University. Dr. Artur Aslanyan held a lecture on PolyPlan Simulator, which is based on a digital asset twin. This topic has generated a big interest among the attended students, where some have expressed their desire to join internship within the ARAX company group and delve further into field development.

Dr. Artur Aslanyan answered numerous questions that students had and gave a number of examples from real cases. It is worth noting that the audience was not limited to just the people sitting in the hall. The lecture was broadcasted online for all students who could not attend in person. At the end of the meeting, it was proposed to consolidate the cooperation of the ARAX company group and the Institute of Mechanics and Mathematics of KFU. We look forward for students to join our internship.

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