KFU University wins PWSO 2022 Finals

The PetroCup World Student Olympics (PWSO) Finals took place on November 29-30. The Finals featured teams from 10 oil and gas universities from Russia, the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa.

The tournament was held entirely online, that was made possible thanks to PetroCup simulator.

The students competed around a digital asset twin using PetroCup simulator, which is an advanced software with extensive functionality.

Throughout PWSO, teams had to address the following challenges: locate impenetrable fault, formation units shut-off and unperforated formation Units, addressing high skin factor, spontaneous fracturing, high permeable reservoir units, incorrect assessment of oil-water contact, incorrect geometry and presence of residual oil reserves, incorrectly set production targets, that resulted in numerous channellings.

Notably, all teams were fighting for their way up the ladder. Here are the PWSO 2022 Finals results:

Finals Standings

Throughout the year, students from petroleum universities across the world competed in tournament series representing
their League (4 in total). A total of 37 teams competed PWSO 2022.

The PWSO organizers promise that next year, teams will face an even more complex asset with new complications,
and will be able to utilize surface facilities.

Registration PWSO 2023

More information about the PWSO can be found on the official page

This tournament was created in memory of professor Nikolay Neprimerov, a prominent Soviet and Russian petroleum scientist, who used to be a professor at Kazan State University, Doctor of Technical Sciences. For many years, his work was published in Soviet newspapers and Kazan University periodicals. He is an author of a book about the military's day-to-day operations in front-line aviation. Professor N. N. Neprimerov has been researching the physics of oil-bearing reservoir recovery for more than four decades.

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