PetroCup Public Session Results | May 2023

PetroCup Public Session presents an excellent chance for students to demonstrate their skills in the field of development, practice and prepare for the upcoming PWSO league.

The most recent PetroCup Public Session was held on May 16th comprising the following teams:

All three teams achieved great results during the session. The team from Tomsk Polytechnic University, emerged as the tournament's winner with a score of 75 points.

By training with the simulator, all team members can reinforce their professional knowledge and enhance the competence level within the development team. This will help ensure that the team is well-prepared to tackle the production challenges ahead.

If you happened to miss this tournament, fret not! You have the opportunity to participate in the upcoming PetroCup online tournament, organized by Nafta College, which takes place on a monthly basis.

You can find the PetroCup Public Session calendar on the official Nafta College website: From there, you can enroll your team for the next tournament.

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