New Year | ARAX Group of Companies

On December 24th, employees from the ARAX group of companies - Nafta College, Sofoil, Polykod, and Zetscan - joined together to celebrate New Year. This big event provided an opportunity to reflect on the notable moments of 2023 and honour the significant achievements made possible by our united team. We saw discussions focused on future opportunities and plans for the upcoming year.

The event also featured a captivating ceremony to commend and recognize those individuals who played a pivotal role in propelling their projects' success to new heights. Truly exceptional projects and outstanding individual accomplishments were honoured through well-deserved awards.

Adding to the festive magic, the New Year's program encompassed an entertaining winter-themed contests and various musical performances, which added to the festive ambiance and made this event special.

The ARAX team is truly exceptional, and together, we are ready to reach new heights in 2024.

Warmest wishes, dear colleagues, and Happy New Year!

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