Kazan Federal University hosted Award Ceremony | PWSO 2023

Throughout the year, 50 teams from around the word competed in this event, and this year N.N.N Trophy is going to the team from Kazan Federal University. This victory highlighted the exceptional skills and knowledge of the university's students. The student team showed outstanding ability and creativity, taking on competitors from different leagues.

Teams from top oil and gas universities in Russia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia competed online.

Competitors tackled various challenges, including impenetrable faults, isolated reservoirs, elevated skin factors, and spontaneous fracturing, demanding sophisticated expertise and understanding of these topics.

Congratulations to the winners and best wishes for their ongoing success in both academia and their further endeavours. We, as organizers, promise to raise the bar with even harder challenges and even more participants from other leagues next year.

For more information on the competition and plans for the next year, visit the PWSO official website.

Each PWSO tournament is conducted using the PetroCup Simulator, a certified simulation tool that includes a bundle of advanced field development tools and analytics.

This tournament was created in memory of professor Nikolay Neprimerov, a prominent Soviet and Russian petroleum scientist, who used to be a professor at Kazan State University, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

For many years, his work was published in Soviet newspapers and Kazan University periodicals.

He is an author of a book about the military's day-to-day operations in front-line aviation.

Professor N. N. Neprimerov has been researching the physics of oil-bearing reservoir recovery for more than four decades.