Final Standings | PWSO 2024: North Eurasia League

The 2024 PetroCup World Student Olympics: North Eurasia league, hosted by the Sergo Ordzhonikidze Russian State University for Geological Prospecting in Moscow, concluded successfully on April 16-17. PWSO is focused on the interactive management of oil and gas field developments using the PetroCup simulator.

It was organized collaboratively by Nafta College and the university and drew participants from specialized institutions across countries in North Eurasia, who are currently enrolled in the following oil and gas-related disciplines: geology, exploration, and field development.

The tournament featured 25 teams from 19 Russian cities, alongside universities from Belarus, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan. Graciously providing its campus grounds for the event, the Moscow university welcomed 8 teams on-site, while 17 teams participated remotely, with a total of over 240 students taking part.

The event kicked off with an official opening ceremony attended by representatives from Russian public organizations and universities from across countries in North Eurasia. The following experts welcomed the participants with opening remarks:

  • A.M. Aslanyan, Principal of Nafta College,
  • M.M. Khasanov, Director of Science at Gazprom Neft,
  • Y.P. Panov, Principal of the Sergo Ordzhonikidze Russian State Geological Exploration University,
  • A.V. Putyato, Principal of Gomel State Technical University.

The speakers underscored the innovative nature of PetroCup and its crucial role in training skilled professionals for the oil and gas sector, advancing educational systems, and supporting initiatives within the national and international student communities.

Over two days, participants took on a challenging lineup of five tasks, visited the university's Mineralogical Museum, and attended Nafta College workshops. The event also featured insightful presentations from the following experts:

  • Y.A. Ryabov, Chief Specialist in Educational Projects with Gazprom Neft’s university group,
  • A.V. Osipova, Dean of the Oil and Gas Faculty at the host university.

Final Standings:


The event showcased the impressive skills and knowledge of the participants, reinforcing their institutions' status as leaders in their fields. It also provided a platform for industry organizations to identify and recruit talented young professionals.

The top teams will move on to the finals to compete for the N.N.N Cup against winners from other world leagues.

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North Eurasia League | PWSO - 24
Organizer: Nafta College LLC
Co-organizer: Sergo Ordzhonikidze Russian State University for Geological Prospecting

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