A new version of PolyPlan is here!

About PolyPlan: It is a software that implements a digital asset twin of an Oil&Gas asset and models the behaviour of key components such as: subsurface infrastructure, onshore infrastructure, multiphase reservoir fluid flows, wells and pipelines, development operations and economics.

Here are all the new features you may find in PolyPlan 3.0:

  • the user will now get a prompt if there are any outstanding or unfilled required activities, which ultimately made PolyPlan way faster and more intuitive for all user groups.
  • automation of the drilling process – it is now possible to drill a well interactively by clicking on the map, the user can then observe the preliminary trajectory of a new well on the map before actually drilling.
  • all user inputs are now continually saved to the server in case there are any unforeseen errors, i.e. internet connection failure.
  • improved navigation in field overview and it is now available in the form of a structured document.
  • new Debriefing metrics have been added in PetroCup Practicum. Now in addition to the field development achievements table, the user can now access maps that display the mobility of reserves and reservoir pressure.
  • it is now possible to download survey results in "Las" file format.
  • it is now possible to save the history of field development in Excel file format and study it in more detail both during the session and after. This will allow all users to view the data via third-party software and therefore performing more effective decisions.