PetroCup Сhampionship for planning Oil&Gas institutes (PetroCup ROS-Project)

The Petrocup ROS-Project Championship is a joint project with the State Commission on mineral reserves of Russian Federation (SCMR) and the Eurasian Union Of Experts on Subsoil use (EUES).

The Petrocup ROS-Project Championship is held among representatives of Russia’s industry research and development institutes, which specialise in geology, exploration, development and exploitation of Oil&Gas fields.

The main goal of the Championship is to promote the development and digitalisation of the Russian Oil&Gas industry by improving the ranking and grading system for Russian institutes using PetroCup benchmark.

The Petrocup ROS-Project Championship has the following objectives:

- identifying and assessing given specialist's competence level as well as further professional training;
- identifying the competence level and improving management of business processes;
- developing teamwork skills and decision-making;
- increasing qualification and developing creative actions among employees;
- motivating personnel in performing their tasks more effectively;
- further enhancing skills at current job position with a help of advanced technology and methodology.
– identifying and promoting personnel who and give them a chance to stand out
- motivating employees to improve their professional skills and move up the corporate career ladder.

The end result of this project will encompass recommendations as well as ability to use PetroCup benchmarking as a rating system for Russian universities that specialise in this industry.
This project holds a high value for Russian Oil&Gas industry as this will allow adopting universal PetroCup benchmarking in education, assessment, certification and to increase competence level of professional personnel.