Student League

Student League

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The PetroCup Student league (Russia) is a new direction in Oil&Gas education and a unique analytical operational simulator in which you can design and develop Oil&Gas fields at almost identical to real conditions. The league strike interest in Oil&Gas companies – young specialists and future experts. Participation in the league will give students an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge as well as test competence in broad range of disciplines. Companies can use this tool to find out if their team can mange to overcome new challenges. This also make this platform great for young professionals who want to prove that they got what it takes and be noticed by large companies.

Main objectives of the PetroCup Student league (Russia) for petroleum specialities include:

- adjusting activities and methodology that compliments professional education and that suit the requirements of current industry employers - all with the help of PetroCup simulator;

- assessing students' skills to see if they have what it takes to tackle operational challenges

- devising an effective decision-making process for field development;

- developing skills in multidisciplinary data interpretation and integration;

- forming teamwork skills on solving complex challenges for geology students across many disciplines

- knowledge sharing among students of various geological specialities;

- student certification;

- student knowledge assessment.