PetroCup World Student olympics

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Nafta College is excited to announce the PetroCup World Student Olympics among the leading petroleum universities from around the world.

The competition is based on interactive petroleum simulator PetroCup which is a digital twin of synthetic petroleum asset and reproduces the real-asset behaviour in response to the typical human activities.

Each university will compile a multi-disciplinary team of 10 people covering asset management, economics, field development planning, geology, petrophysics, surface facility engineering, production technology, reservoir simulation, well testing and production logging. The teams will be analysing the typical field data, perform well and reservoir surveillance and based on this perform drilling, workovers, lift management and manage surface facilities.

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PetroCup was an excellent execution of our knowledge. It tested our understanding in petrophysics, reservoir engineering, production engineering, well testing and other technical aspects. We were honored to participate and compete with elite students from different countries. Regarding the event, at the beginning we were a little clueless about what we are capable of doing and how we do things, but we learned on the way with the aid of our moderator. Else, everything went smoothly.

Sultan Qaboos University

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to join the competition. It is very interesting because we get to experience how to manage a oil and gas field

Curtin Malaysia University

Thank you to the organiser, moderator for this event! This has been such a fun and insightful experience

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

I would like to say a big thank you to the organizer team for organizing this event. It was a once of a kind experience we never seen before and we glad that we took the opportunity to explore this competition. I would thank my team for their superb teamworking skills and their willing to sacrifice their valuable time and energy to get the best possible result

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

On behalf of my team, I thank you for all your help during competition. Although We can not become champions, I believe that we won ourselves in somehow and it was also the first time we got out of our comfort zone to try it. From this We gained a lot of useful knowledge about the real field and how to develop it.... We hope we can get the chance to take part it this game next year. Cheers!

PetroVietnam University

Thanks for a great experience. Thank you team and all moderators

Chulalongkorn University