PETROCUP STUDENT olympics 2022
south asia league

We are excited to announce that Nafta College will host South Asia League, which will be based upon PetroCup interactive simulator.

The olympics will be held online from 27-28 October, 2022. The top student teams from South Asia oil and gas universities will compete for the PetroCup trophy.

Teams from different universities will join the competition to decide who is the best PetroCup team in South Asia League.

The Student olympics on the PetroCup interactive simulator, is tailored towards senior oil and gas university students who are currently studying in the following degrees:

  1. geology
  2. exploration
  3. field development
  4. oil and gas field operation.

South Asia League

27-28 OCTOBER, 2022

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PetroCup Student olympics
2021 (Russia) –
Video Report




Rushana Farakhova
Guruh Ferdyanto