PolyGon is a pressure-rate modelling software facility for:

  • • Pressure Transient Analysis
  • • Rate Transient Analysis
  • • Numerical Pressure Modelling
  • • Pressure Deconvolution
  • • Pressure Interference Decomposition

It provides the facility for uploading, processing, simulating and fitting of pressure and rate data with various geological and production scenarios.

The Purpose

PolyGon is a software tool for interpretation of:

  • wellbore pressure response to the flow rate variation in the same well or offset wells
  • production rate and formation pressure response to the bottom hole pressure variation in the same well or offset wells
  • multiwell system

Operating Platform

PolyGon is implemented as web-application and can be accessed through local office network or Internet connection from the majority of computer devices and OS, supporting popular web-browsers.

Remote Server

The application components are carefully balanced between the user device and remote server, installed on a powerful multicore workstation where most of the processing, modeling, recognition and fitting work is performed. This allows users to access their personal data in secure format from anywhere in the world and run heavy-duty data processing with slim devices, including the tablets.

PolyGon Data Security

The user data is stored in encoded format and secured against fails through the cloud mirroring. The connecon between Client devise and remote server is using secured protocols and data encoding

PolyGon Data Centers

Users can select PolyGon Server from several Data Centers across the world depending on their proximity and customize computational power of PolyGon Server based on the processing needs.

User Interface

The Wizard-type interface provides intuitive connection with users.

Fluid Properties

PolyGon supports wide range of Black-Oil and water correlations for: Density, Formation Volume Factor, Gas/Oil Rao, Bubble Point pressure, Viscosity, Heat Capacity, Thermal Conductivity.

  • provides non-linear fitting facility to extend the application of BO correlations * provides global fitting of all fluid samples and all fluid properties with a button click * supports non-isothermal modelling