Nafta Lib Journal is a repository of papers and video-presentations/discussions presented at various Nafta College events throughout each year.

It's been built in response to request from participants of Nafta College events (webinars, discussion clubs, discussion forums, conferences and workshops).  

The key regulation for contribution to Nafta Lib Journal is to hold live (video or face-to-face) presentation/discussion at one of the Nafta College events.

The access to all Nafta Lib Journal entries (papers and videos) is strictly on-line and free of charge.


Modelling of physical and chemical processes

Artificial Intelligence

Exploration & Production of Hydrocarbons

Alternative energy

Each Nafta Lib Journal paper contains the link to the presentation/discussion but not all Nafta Lib Journal video-entries may contain a link to the paper.

Participants of Nafta College events have a free will to choose if they are willing to deposit a paper related to their video-presentation and Nafta Lib Journal Editor Board will only check if the paper is related to the content of the video-presentations and complies with ethical practice

Frequency: Annually

ISSN: 2789-7559 (Print)

Publisher: Nafta College Adress: 2637 DMCC Business Centre, Dubai, UAE

Title History
Nafta Lib Journal (ISSN: 2789-7559 (Print)), 2022 - Present

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