PetroCup Bot

PetroCup Bot — your personal AI assistant that manages each PetroCup tournament. It offers a range of features designed to streamline interactions and ensure that both participants and organizers have access to the latest tournament information.

Key features of PetroCup Bot:


Chat Creation

Upon registration, PetroCup Bot instantly creates a private chat for each team and sends invitation links to email of each participant. These chats are vital for team communication and can connect you with moderators for urgent queries.


Notifications and Alerts

PetroCup Bot seamlessly sends updates and alerts about upcoming sessions, start and end times, schedule changes, and other important events straight to your chat. This ensures everyone stays informed and can react promptly to new information.


Statistics and Results

Following each session, PetroCup Bot provides teams with a comprehensive table of technical and economic metrics in their chat, facilitating thorough analysis and strategic planning and perform necessary activities.

After the session ends, PetroCup Bot sends all teams a link to the CAS table that contains detailed performance analysis of each team, allowing teams to understand the effectiveness of their actions compared to their competitors and the Reference field development plan.



Participants are welcome to inquire about PetroCup or specific tournament details. PetroCup Bot provides detailed information on each session, including the timetable adjusted for the team's time zone, dates, format, standings, and the timing for the start and end of shots. This arrangement keeps participants updated and fully informed about session activities.


Spectator Chat

In addition to team chats, PetroCup Bot introduces a dedicated chat for Tournament Spectators, assembled by the Tournament Administrator. Observers reciveve the same level of information as the participants and are encouraged to ask and receive answers about the session in progress.

Powered by latest language model systems, PETROCUP BOT offers a more accessible and productive experience for organizers, participants, and spectators alike.