PetroCup is an on-line intensive interactive training and testing facility in well & reservoir data analysis and production optimisation planning.

It simulates the typical well and reservoir behaviour so that a professional asset team can go through many years of field production in just few days and learn a lot from this experience.

Key Challenges

All field materials are highly realistic, based on the real fields and generated by PolyPlan software which simulates:

  • Typical reservoir inhomogeneity
  • Typical uncertainties in surface flow metering
  • Typical OH and PLT logging tool inaccuracy
  • Well integrity failures
  • Reservoir flow complication

Key Objectives

The main purpose of PetroCup is to ensure that asset teams are up to production challenges by:

  • working out the efficient decision making process
  • developing multi-disciplinary data integration skills
  • sharing cross-competence across the team

Key Advantages

The key advantages over traditional academic class-room training are:

  • Interactive formula – try and see
  • Learning without a teacher – learn from synthetic field
  • Cross-discipline knowledge sharing – learn from colleagues
  • Practical learning – realistic well and reservoir behavior
  • Automated measurement of success – machine-measured success
  • On-line facility – work from home or remote office