Online Webinar: Mastering your skills an overview

Topic:  Mastering your skills an overview

Oil Fields from Seismic surveys through drilling, production, reservoir management to the gas station are complex engineering endeavors. You can't apply Newton's Physics to drill a well 5-10 kilometres below ground and hit your target within a meter or less. The Petrophysics and the fluid behavior in such environment are non-Newtonian.

Oilfields, however, have been discovered and produced and still supplying the world with about 100 million barrels a day, that is about 200 gallons per person on the Planet Earth per year.

Please join me with NAFTA College engineers to share with you the latest in technology in Oil Field Management.  NAFTA College Teams have developed PetroCup, a tool to apply and sharpen your skills, get immediate feedback of your strategy, and prioritize your operations by analyzing all key variables according to their impact on your NPV.  All that is done from the comfort of your office, or your home , and with your team, or compete with other teams for the best results.

Date: 09 July, 2020, 12:00 (UTC+8)

Presenter: Dr. Jamal Barghouti
Company: Nafta College