Guidelines for a webinar speaker

  1. Prepare your workplace. Get rid of any background noise that may interfere with the broadcast.
  2. We suggest that you to welcome the audience at the beginning of your webinar. Make sure that there are no shadowsbeing cast on you
  3. Don't stand with your back to the window – this will also be a bad spot, as your video might be overexposed to sunlight, making your face hardly visible
  4. Select an appropriate background visuals for your broadcast. A sloppy office or a bedroom will have a negative effect on the audience's perception towards you. The best background is a wall with one colour tone.
  5. Before your webinar, we recommend that you practice and read your presentation aloud.
  6. Make sure to test desktop and web-camera in advance;
  7. As soon as you start the broadcast, greet your audience and ask them to give you feedback on whether or not they can see and hear you clearly. Adjust settings accordingly.
  8. Introduce yourself (name, position, company).
  9. Remind the audience to subscribe to Nafta College channel and mention that the video will be saved later to the repository where it can be later watched again.
  10. Remind everyone that throughout the webinar, everyone can leave their questions in the chat box, where you can answer each question at the end of the presentation. If the time ran out and audience still has further questions left, state that all those questions will be answered on Nafta College forum