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Discussion Nafta Club «Import Substitution of Tools and Technologies»

Topic: Import Substitution of Tools and Technologies

Date: 2024

Location: Russian

Language: Russian

Participants: Gazpromneft STC LLC, LLC Engineering & Technological Service LLC (GPN), Sofoil LLC, Nafta College LLC

Invited Organizations: Subsidiaries of Gazprom Neft PJSC, Russian manufacturers of import–substituting petrophysical and open hole tools, Russian manufacturers of equipment and technologies, Russian oil and gas producing companies (Rosneft PJSC, Tatneft PJSC, LUKOIL PJSC, Novatek PJSC).

Main Focus Areas:

  1. Comparative analysis and discussion of technological and technical solutions and algorithms implemented by partner companies of "ITS" LLC. The discussion will explore ways to improve the quality of tools and technological solutions offered by these companies.
  2. Comparative analysis and discussion of import-substituted technological and technical solutions and tools provided by third-party Russian companies.
  3. Comparative analysis and discussion of the features of import-substituting technical and technological solutions and tools offered by third-party Russian companies (that do not participate in import substitution programs).
  4. Exchange of experience with Russian operating companies and oilfield service organizations using similar or nearly identical tools and technologies.
  5. Discussing the strategic needs and project goals of Gazprom Neft's subsidiaries, focusing on the adoption and application of the advanced solutions and tools.