PetroCup Public Session Results | March 2023

PetroCup Public Session is an excellent opportunity for students and professionals to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in field development. The tournament is held once a month and is open to the general public.

This month, the PetroCup Public Session took place on March 14, 2023, with the following 5 teams competing:

  • Saint Petersburg Mining University
  • Ukhta State Technical University
  • Tyumen State University
  • Tyumen Industrial University
  • Sakhalinnipi Nefti I Gaza

The St. Petersburg Mining University team emerged as the clear winner of the tournament, having scored a total of 40 points. But this result is still far from the reference development scenario, so the team definitely has a room for improvement.

The team from Ukhta State Technical University secured the second place in the tournament standings with a total of 19 points. We would like to highlight the fact that the team was able to achieve comparable results to their performance in the previous tournament.

The third place was taken by Sakhalinnipi Nefti I Gaza team.

If you have never participated in PetroCup sessions previously, we encourage you to try it out by registering via the following link:

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