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The PetroCup Corporate Tournaments are team tournaments for evaluating personnel professional skills in Oil&Gas as well as service companies within the Russian Federation and the CIS. The event is held both for Oil&Gas companies and their subsidiaries, as well as students of subordinate Universities;

PetroCup Corporate Tournaments in variety of formats were held in many Russian oil companies, including leading companies in the industry: Gazpromneft, Tatneft, Rosneft and LUKOIL.

The objectives of PetroCup Corporate Championships are to develop and improve the mechanisms for staffing support in Oil&Gas industry professions based on proven standards and using effective Petrocup tools to improve recruitment process for both companies and those in pursuit of their career. Another goal is to improve and monitor training and certification of personnel.

Objectives of the PetroCup Corporate Championship:

  • using innovative high-performance PetroСup standards to assess personnel qualification level;
  • training and career guidance for specialists, especially young professionals;
  • improving work efficiency and productivity;
  • forecasting corporate staffing needs;
  • updating professional standards and development of corporate educational programs;
  • building the human resource database;
  • identifying the best professional individuals(in terms of competence) within the organization;
  • advancing decision-making practices within the team in Oil&Gas field development.

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